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We encounter dissatisfaction and hardship all the time, and are surrounded by layer upon layer of concerns in the real world. We cannot choose the look we like because of various constraints in real life. But in the "" virtual universe, we can show ourselves in any identity. The mind can be unlocked, and it is also an outlet for emotional catharsis in this free space.


Everyone who enters the "" virtual universe can create their own fantasy planet in this infinite space. Everyone can name their own name and meaning, and reveal their unique style without restriction. You can transcend the stars, travel across light years, and land in any comfortable location. Every work that has been conceived with great care will be unveiled one by one with the hot eyes of everyone.


You can find your own pronoun in "", as well as the circle and lack in your heart. Even if a piece is missing, you can find the lost piece in the infinite virtual universe. Everything that exists has its meaning. Those things that you hate may be your shining point. At some moment, some people will be healed because of you. We, who are small, can also become a beam of light that shines on others.

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